about the artist
Constance Mauro

I am a native Rochesterian. Educated at Nazareth College graduating with a BS in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. Continued to study printmaking at R.I.T. and attending workshops with Ron Prokrasso in Santa Fe and Hitoshi Nakazota at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach.

I have traveled extensively in Europe attending workshops in Ireland and France. It has been an inspiration to visit the museums in Italy, France and Germany.
Often as artists, we are isolated. Travels as a group with common interests has allowed me to be open to different perspectives. Although we work individually, we have the opportunity to share ideas and critique each other’s work. These experiences have allowed me to grow as an artist.

Monoprints are my primary medium. Some of my work incorporates elements of collage.  My work is reflective of my life and comes from within. Each piece evolves on it’s own. I hesitate to assign titles to my work and would prefer the viewer interpret the work for himself or herself.

I currently work out of my studio at the Hungerford Bldg. in Rochester and also teach printmaking (monoprints) at the Rohrer Gallery in Canandaigua.

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